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 U.S. Salinity Laboratory Riverside, CA 92507-4617 
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  • Wilcox, L.V. 1963. Factors for Calculating the Sodium-adsorption-ratio (SAR).
  • Wilcox, L.V. 1966. Tables for calculating the pHc values of water.
  • Suarez, D.L. 1982. Graphs for calculating Ca concentrations and SAR values in soil solutions.

Obtaining Reprints of Available Publications

Underlined publication numbers mean that the reprints are available for downloading as Adobe PDF files.

If a publication is shown "NA" in this list of publications, it indicates that the supply of reprints has been exhausted. However, published papers are available for reference in agricultural libraries.

For a limited time after publication, non-PDF reprints may be obtained by addressing requests to:

Publication Request
U.S. Salinity Laboratory
450 West Big Springs Road
Riverside, CA 92507-4617

Requested items may be specified by the index numbers at the beginning of each citation.

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